Vehicle tracking

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Insurance approved tracking systems fitted in Sutton Coldfield.
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Never lose your vehicle

  • Driver recognition cards - protection against key theft and unauthorised use of your vehicle
  • Geo-fence violation alerts - protects against vehicle being moved from a parked location by being towed or lifted onto a low-loader
  • Battery tamper and low battery alerts
  • Full European cover
  • Location on demand via the internet or smartphone
  • 3-year warranty
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£749 including installation!

Subscription charges:
  • 1 Year £199.00
  • 2 Years £390.00
  • 3 Years £580.00
  • 4 Years £770.00 
Get your vehicle tracking system fitted in the Sutton Coldfield area,
call Retrofit Alarmacar now on 0121 382 7720.
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