Protect your vehicle with Ghost Immobilisers

As well as our range of excellent car alarms, we also offer immobilisers. Our immobilisers can help to prevent car theft. They protect your vehicle from being hot-wired and stolen.

All immobilisers we offer are self-arming. Once you turn the vehicles ignition off, the immobiliser system will arm automatically within 30 seconds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ghost immobiliser?

A ghost immobiliiser is a device which protects your vehicle from key cloning & car theft.

What does a ghost immobiliser do?

A ghost immobiliiser prevents the vehicle from being started without unique key code, which only you, as the customer will know.

How does a ghost immobiliser work?

Self immobilises between 30-60 secconds & disrupts ECU communication.

How long does it take to fit a ghost immobiliser?

This is very much vehicle dependant but, on average, around 2-4 hours per vehicle.

Is ghost immobiliser insurance approved?

Dependant on insurance company.

Are ghost immobilisers Thatcham approved?


Can a ghost immobiliser be bypassed?

Yes, but only by the customer. Ghost II can be put into valet mode for the vehicle is being worked upon eg. Service or MOT without giving them the unique code. (NOTE when the vehicle is driven for longer than 5mins above 30mph it will automatically immobilise next time the vehicle is stopped. 

How to turn off ghost immobiliser?

By entering your unique code.

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