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We fit a wide range of excellent parking sensors

AAC Logo 9001Parking in small or awkward spaces can be a challenge, but our range of parking sensors can make it a breeze!

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What do we offer

We provide quality parking sensors. You can rely on us for:

  • Rear parking sensors
  • Front parking sensors
  • 24v parking sensors
  • Motorhome parking sensors
  • Pre-coloured parking sensors
  • Towbar parking sensors and much more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are parking sensors worth it?

Parking sensors are definitely woth it. If you compare the cost of a new bumper, or worse still the damage to your car and another car that you've accidently backed into. The cost of a set of parking sensors speaks for itself.

Are parking sensors easy to fit?

Unless you're capable of dealing with vehicle electrics and confident with drilling holes into your car's bodywork, then we strongly advise that parking sensors are fitted professionally.

What do parking sensors do?

Parking sensors can save you a lot of money from damage to your car or worse still - somebody else's. They effectively monitor the distance that you are reversing and warn you when you are too near the obstacle behind you. As you engage reverse gear, the sensors will become activated and start to ‘bleep' as you reverse. As soon as you approach the ‘danger' area the sensors begin to bleep more quickly. They will then bleep continuously to warn you not to go any further.

What are the best aftermarket parking sensors?

At Retrofit, we generally install the Parksafe system as they are a good quality product and enable us to give a 5 year warranty on them. (subject to Terms and Conditions).

Which is better - rear parking sensors or cameras?

Parking sensors and reversing cameras basically do the same job - monitoring what's behind you. It's basically down to budget as the cameras can generally be more expensive and can be damaged by high pressure washing.

How do you reset parking sensors?

Rear parking sensors are activated by the reverse gear being engaged and deactivated when reverse gear is disengaged. Front parking sensors can be operated with either a manual on/off switch or a 'speed pulse' over-ride module similar to factory fitted sensors.

How do parking sensors work?

Parking sensors monitor the safe distance you are reversing.

How do you clean parking sensors?

Parking sensors are cleaned along with a general carwash. They're generally not affected by commercial car washes.

Can front parking sensors be added to a car?

Yes, front parking sensors can be added to a car but they are more complicated to fit so the price will vary from car to car.

Can parking sensors be colour matched to my car?

Yes, we take the colour code from the car and order the paint to match. This is generally done on the same day.

Why would my parking sensors stop working?

Parking sensors could stop working for several reasons: incorrectly fitted, somebody has driven into the back of you and damaged a sensor, or maybe a cheaper kit that somebody has fitted.

Why do my parking sensors keep going off?

Parking sensors could stop working for several reasons: incorrectly fitted, somebody has driven into the back of you and damaged a sensor, or maybe a faulty.

Do parking sensors have a fuse?

Yes, parking sensors do have a fuse, but the location of the fuse depends on the type of kit fitted and where the engineer has picked up the live from.

How much does it cost to install parking sensors?

Parking sensors can be installed from as little as £159.00 inc vat depending on the car.