Ghost Immobiliser Fitting Birmingham
Protect your vehicle with Ghost Immobilisers

iso 9001As well as our range of excellent car alarms, we also offer Ghost Immobiliser fitting in Birmingham.

Our immobilisers can help to prevent car theft, protecting your vehicle from being hot-wired and stolen.

With the rise in car thefts in Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham recently, there has never been a better and more important time to protect your vehicle from theft. 

All immobilisers we offer are self-arming. Once you turn the vehicles ignition off, the immobiliser system will arm automatically within 30 seconds. The Ghost Immobiliser emits no radio signals and is undetectable to potential theives using diagnostic tools. It also has no LED indicators that would alert someone to its location, making it an excellent way of keeping your vehicle safe from theft.

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Ghost Immobiliser Frequently Asked Questions

What is ghost immobiliser?

A ghost immobiliiser is an electronic security device which protects your vehicle from key cloning and car theft. So even if a theif has your keys, they cannot drive away with your car, van, motorhome or other vehicle.

What does a ghost immobiliser do?

A ghost immobiliiser prevents the vehicle from being started without a unique key code, which only you, as the customer will know.

How does a ghost immobiliser work?

The ghost immobilier uses the existing buttons in your vehicle to create a PIN code sequence that is unique to you and your vehicle. Without entering the correct PIN code sequence, the vehicle cannot be started. Self immobilises between 30-60 secconds & disrupts ECU communication.

How long does it take to fit a ghost immobiliser?

This is very much vehicle dependant but, on average, around 2-4 hours per vehicle. Contact us to arrange a booking and we'll be able to give you more specific details on timing.

Is ghost immobiliser insurance approved?

This is dependant on the insurance company. However there is a good chance that having an immobiliser installed in your vehicle will result in a reduced insurance premium but check with your insurance company first.

Are ghost immobilisers Thatcham approved?


Can a ghost immobiliser be bypassed?

Yes, but only by the customer. Ghost II can be put into valet mode for the vehicle is being worked upon eg. Service or MOT without giving them the unique code. (NOTE when the vehicle is driven for longer than 5mins above 30mph it will automatically immobilise next time the vehicle is stopped.

How to turn off ghost immobiliser?

By entering your unique PIN code.

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